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Akihabara Walking Tour

This tour takes you to Akihabara, famed center of otaku culture and one of the largest shopping districts for electronics in the world. Visit a bishojo (beautiful girl) figure shop, a store specializing in robots, a maid café and an animation center. With pick-up and drop-off service at your hotel, this tour is a great way to get around when you aren’t familiar with the city (service not available at some hotels).

Course No. R355

Wed., Fri. between Jun. 1 - Nov. 30, 2011

Estimated time 13:40 - 17:10
Meal None
Fare Adult 4,500 yen/Child 3,500 yen

Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (13:40)

Hobby Shop Kotobukiya

This toy manufacturer retail store has a history of 55 years, making it a time-honored presence in the district. In addition to the store’s own originals, Kotobukiya also offers a range of products from around the world, including many animation items such as the popular Ghibli goods, Star Wars motif items and bishojo (beautiful girl) figures. There’s also a wide selection of souvenirs typical of Akihabara.

Tsukumo Robot Okoku

Opened in August 2000, this is the world’s very first shop specializing in robots. With floor space of 100 square meters, Tsukumo offers all kinds of products related to robots, including complete robots as well as parts, books and magazines, and more. Tsukumo Robot is popular with a broad range of consumers, including not only robot competition contestants and robotics researchers, but families and senior citizens as well.

Chichibu electric machine(Japanese hotchpotch can)

Maid Café Pinafore

A tour of Akihabara takes you to a maid café, a part of the new culture that came out of Akihabara. Pinafore is also known as a movie set. At this special café, maids draw playful illustrations with luscious chocolate in your cappuccino foam right before your eyes. Try it, and experience moe* for yourself! The shop also offers lots of original items that make terrific souvenirs.
*Japanese slang referring to a feeling toward something very attractive or cute, especially characters found in anime, manga or video games

Gachapon hall

Tokyo Anime Center

The information center for Japanese animation, the Tokyo Anime Center holds animation-related events including new movie screenings, exhibitions, voice actor talk shows and more, plus radio program recording open to the public. The Center’s official shop sells a variety of animation items as well as originals that can only be purchased here.

Akihabara Electronics District

Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (17:10)

Hotel drop-off (17:30-)

*Tour is conducted using the JR line.
*Minimum tour participants: 2

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