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Tokyo in Japan

Panoramic Tokyo

See top sightseeing spots like Meiji-jingu Shrine, set in a vast forest in the city, and the Imperial Palace East Gardens, followed by lunch at the Pastel-tei observatory restaurant (vegetarian menu available) and a Symphony Cruise on Tokyo Bay. With pick-up service at your hotel (service not available at some hotels).

Course No. A315
Departure Daily
Estimated time 9:00–17:20
Meal Lunch included
Fare Adult 9,900 yen/Child 6,600 yen

Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (9:00)

Meiji-jingu Shrine

Meiji-jingu Shrine

Constructed in 1920, the shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Its vast grounds in an abundantly natural setting consist of two areas: the inner garden, where the main building of the Shinto shrine is situated, and the outer garden, which includes the Meiji Kinenkan hall, famous as a wedding venue, and a sports stadium.

National Diet Building (drive through)

Imperial Palace (East Gardens)

This used to be a castle that housed generations of Tokugawa shoguns, the administrators of the Tokugawa government in Edo, but with the Meiji Restoration it became the residence and palace of the Imperial Family. Surrounded by a moat and an abundant variety of trees, it is like a world apart situated right in the middle of Tokyo.
*If Imperial Palace East Gardens is closed (Mon, Fri, special closed day ), we will take you to Nijyubashi bridge instead of it.


Asakusa and Nakamise Street

Nakamise Street is a shopping arcade running from Kaminarimon Gate to the Buddhist temple Senso-ji lined with around 90 shops. Its history goes back to the latter half of the 17th century, and its rows of shops selling uniquely Japanese souvenirs such as fans and kimonos as well as traditional foods such as rice crackers offer a truly grand spectacle.

Ginza (drive through)

Seaside Hotel Shiba-Yayoi Pastel-Tei (lunch)

Seaside Hotel Shiba-Yayoi Pastel-tei (lunch)

A 12th floor restaurant offering panoramic views of Tokyo Bay, the Sumida River, Hamarikyu, and other sights. In the plate glass interior overflowing with a sensation of space you can enjoy lunch that use an abundance of seasonal ingredients.

Symphony Cruise

Symphony Cruise

Cruise around the sights of Tokyo Bay, such as Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba, in a luxury cruise ship. Relax at your leisure on deck with a cool breeze blowing in from the sea.


Odaiba is a tourist spot that has become a must-see part of the Tokyo experience. It offers a host of sights and attractions such as Odaiba Seaside Park and a thermal spring theme park, as well as Japan’s highest Ferris wheel in a shopping mall.

Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit (17:20)

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