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Tokyo Afternoon

Enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view encompassing the lively streets of Tokyo and the beauty of Tokyo Bay, all from the Seaside Top, the observatory 151 meters high atop the World Trade Center Building, followed by a boat ride on the Sumida River, which flows north to south in the heart of Tokyo, to Asakusa. With pick-up service at your hotel (service not available at some hotels).

Course No. A302
Departure Daily (except Dec.30-Jan.03, Feb.28)
Estimated time 13:40–17:40
Meal No meals included
Fare Adult 5,500 yen/Child 2,900 yen

Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (13:40)

Seaside Top

Seaside Top

This is the observatory on the 40th floor of the World Trade Center Building offering a panoramic view spanning 200 meters. From a height of 151 meters you can see the Tokyo cityscape and Shinkansen bullet trains as well as enjoy a sweeping view of Tokyo Bay with its numerous ships traversing, and on a clear day you can see Mount Fuji.

Imperial Palace

This used to be a castle that housed generations of Tokugawa shoguns, the administrators of the Tokugawa government in Edo, but with the Meiji Restoration it became the residence and palace of the Imperial Family. Surrounded by a moat and an abundant variety of trees, it is like a world apart situated right in the middle of Tokyo.

Ginza (drive through)


Asakusa and Nakamise Street

Nakamise Street is a shopping arcade running from Kaminarimon Gate to the Buddhist temple Senso-ji lined with around 90 shops. Its history goes back to the latter half of the 17th century, and its rows of shops selling uniquely Japanese souvenirs such as fans and kimonos as well as traditional foods such as rice crackers offer a truly grand spectacle.

Sumida River Sightseeing Tour

A boat trip lasting around 40 minutes where you can delight in a mix of Tokyo’s continual redevelopment combined with the atmosphere of the good old days of Edo. Passing under 12 bridges, each with its own distinctive color and shape, enjoy at your leisure the ever-changing face of the Tokyo landscape.

Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit (17:40)

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