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With over a half century of experience introducing the beauty and history of Tokyo, the name Hato Bus has become synonymous with Tokyo tourism—offering visitors the most convenient and fun tours ever.
Whether you are looking for the time-honored standbys—shrines, temples and Japanese gardens—or the more fashionable and trendy hot spots, Hato Bus Sightseeing Tours have exactly what you want! We have created wonderfully diverse courses combining a little of everything, from traditional Japanese food to excellent shopping, even picturesque cruising, to ensure that you end the day replete with the charms of Tokyo!
We offer tours accompanied by English-speaking and Chinese-speaking guides.

Tours Information

» Half Day Tours
Hafl Day Tour For those with limited time but maximum curiosity—our half-day tours capture the essence of Tokyo through visits to traditional tourist spots.

» Full Day Tours
Full Day Tours Get a real feel for the city’s charms with a full day of exploring a unique mixture of Tokyo’s wonderful attractions—both old and new!


» Fuji Hakone Tours
Fuji Hakone Tours World Cultural Heritage Site Designation Commemorative Course

» Night Tours
Night Tours Satiate yourself with the allure of Tokyo at night—one of the most beautiful and radiant nightscapes of the world.


» Multi-language Tour Guide System
Tour Tracer In this tour, information is provided automatically via headphones based on bus movements tracked by GPS.


» Open Top Bus Tours

Walking Tour
An exciting tour experience in the metropolitan city of Tokyo by Open Top Bus. (1 hour non-stop driving tour)
GPS Automated Guidance System in 8 languages is available. (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Thai, Indonesian, and Japanese) Free Wi-Fi system also equipped in this Bus)

» World Heritage Tours
Walking Tour


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